Now I had lots of problems because in Psalm 44:19 it says, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.” Now God lets afflictions come on His children so that they’ll flee to Him for help and then He delivers them and they’ll praise Him and tell everybody about it. I had many afflictions and I was green in the business. I almost killed my bookkeeper off. I think it scared him worse than it did me because I wouldn’t even look at the books. I just let him worry about them. Except he’d come around every once in a while and tell me what a mess I was in. One day he told me, “Grover, we’re forty thousand dollars in the red.” I would just write out the checks and pay all the bills and never look at the bank account. He said, “I think we better go to the bank or do something.” I said, “I tell you what Charles, before I go to the bank I’m going to go and pray and we’ll see what the Lord does and if He doesn’t do anything we’ll try something else.”

I went and got a motel room and took my Bible and I locked that door and I put a pillow under that crack in the door because I like to pray out loud. I don’t yell when I pray but I talk to God just like I’m talking to you right now. Cause I can pray better that way. I would read the Bible and then I’d pray and then I’d get sleepy and I’d sleep a little while and then I’d get up and read the Bible and pray some more and I’d stay there sometimes three days. I wouldn’t do a thing but read my Bible and pray and drink water. I wouldn’t eat nothing. After about two days he called me up and said, “Well, you can come home now, things are looking up.” Sales had begun to come in. I want you to know that in three weeks I was out of the red and into the black about ten thousand dollars. That’s what God can do for you. He just poured the sales in. We just prayed it through. That was just once, but this happened many times.

There was another miracle I had a while back in the mobile home business. We had a lot in Marietta called the Marietta Mobile Home Sales. The lot was not paved. It was gravel. Business began to do pretty good there and so I decided to pave the lot. Every time I’d pull the trailers all back and get ready to pave, the rain would come and the paving crews couldn’t pave it. Then I’d have to pull the trailers all back on the lot and wait for the rain to let up. This happened a couple times and cost us quite a bit a money because it upset the lot and got everything fouled up. One day I’d been reading and praying about it and I told my wife, “Monday morning I’m going to pave that lot over there.” She said, “What if it’s raining?” I said, “It’s not going to rain.” She said, “How do you know?” Well, here’s how I know. In James 5:17,18 it says, “Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain and it rained not on the earth for the space of three years and six months and he prayed again and the heaven gave way and the earth brought forth her fruit.” Now Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are. In other words he was no super Christian he was just a man. He had the same weaknesses and fears and problems we have. But he prayed earnestly that it might not rain and it didn’t rain on the earth for three years and six months. Now I said, “God if you can stop the rain for Elijah for three and a half years you can stop it for twelve hours for me while I pave that lot.” So I told all my salesmen and my friends. I wasn’t just putting myself on the spot I was putting God and I both on the spot. I said, “I’m going to pave that lot on Monday and it’s not going to rain.”

It was during a real rainy season. The forecast was for eighty percent rain. Monday I got up and the clouds were so low you could just reach up and stick your finger in them. The black clouds just boiled down low. I headed for the lot and called the paving crew and told them to get over there. They started paving and I started walking that lot and I walked it all day long and prayed. I never ate a thing and prayed all day long. It rained so hard two blocks down that you could see it bouncing off the pavement. One of my part time salesmen worked at Lockheed and he called me up and told me how sorry he was that I got rained out. I said, “I’m not rained out. We’re paving.” He said, “It’s pouring rain down here at Lockheed.” I said, “It’s not raining on this lot. His wife was in East Marietta and she called up to sympathize with us and said, “I’m so sorry that you got rained out today. I know you prayed that it wouldn’t.” My wife said, “It’s not raining here. We’re paving.” The paving company called about every fifteen minutes and wanted to know why the crew hadn’t come back to Atlanta and Alice, my wife, would keep saying that they’re paving. They said, “They can’t be. I’ve got three other crews out in Clark County and they all came in because it’s pouring out there.” She said, “It’s not raining on this lot.” T

And they paved all day long. My Son-in-law had to go to the hospital. His little boy fell down and skinned his face up. So he was up at the hospital and he called Alice and told her, “I’m sorry Grover got rained out today. I know he feels bad about it.” She said, “We’re not rained out. We’re paving.” We worked there for about ten or eleven hours and they did the most beautiful paving job because it was cool. They did a double bias on us. They ran one strip this way and another strip the other way and made an extra good job. Never got a speck of rain on it all day and about an hour after they were through a gentle rain began to come on that lot and the man said, “That’s great. That will cool it and harden it.” That’s the best paving job in Clark County. God helped pave that one. So God will do miracles for you in material ways.

Now I want to mention this. Now I’m talking about being in your own business but some of you are not in business. Some of you work for the other fellow. But it will work there too. Now I’ve worked for other people and I’ve found out if you’ll serve that company or that man that you’re working for with your whole heart as unto the Lord, you will get promoted. You will prosper in your job. Most people don’t work that way. They work by the clock. They work by all the benefits they can get and the least work they can get by with. I heard a millionaire on the TV the other day and he said the secret to his success to becoming a millionaire was that he always tried to do above what was required. Whatever job he was on he always tried to do more than the job required. And he became a millionaire through that. So that’s God’s formula if you’re working for the other fellow. Do it as unto the Lord and do more than is required and you’ll prosper, no matter what you’re doing. And God will help you get wealth and blessing if He can trust you with it.

Now I have got friends that I’ve seen them prosper and they forget God and buy a boat and they go to the lake on Sunday and they play golf on Sunday and they forsake God. It doesn’t work. All of a sudden, boom, they hit bottom. When God gives you blessing you’ve got to be trusted with it.

I read my Bible and pray every morning before I start out. It doesn’t matter whether you do it in the morning or night, just as long as you do it. I always try to read at least one chapter a day and pray over my prayer list. There’s no need of even walking out the front door in the morning if God’s not with you. You might as well go back. I know our business would get lean sometimes and I’d sit there and wait for sales to come in and nothing would happen and I would tell Alice that there was no reason for me to sit here. I might as well go somewhere and pray. I’d just go and walk off and go and get a motel room and start praying. Then things would start happening. Unless God’s with you there’s no need to walk out the front door. Just forget it. Some mornings I think I’ve got so much to do today, I don’t have enough time to read my Bible and pray, I’ll just get on with my business. But I’ll stop and think that if God doesn’t go out that front door with me there’s no need for me to go. Just go back and get on my knees and read my Bible and pray and then go. God can make your day go just like that for you. Without Him everything just falls apart on you.

What do I owe God? You owe God yourself and all you possess. What do I owe God. The stewardship of our time and the stewardship of our money. One man said that a man’s money is his time. It’s his very life blood because it’s the result of his effort and all that he puts into it. It results into his money. If God can touch your money he usually touches the man pretty deeply. I know these are trying times in business and in jobs, but a man said the other day, “Remember this: God’s economy is not affected by man’s economy. If we are in the center of God’s will, have no fear. God’s economy is not affected by man’s economy. And God will make a way for His people when there is no way.”

I’m going to give you my recipe like I gave that man who was going to blow his brains out. Some of you don’t feel like doing that, maybe, but there’s days coming that you do think about it. Number one, surrender your life fully to God. When you surrender your life, that means everything you possess, your time, your talents, everything. Don’t hold back nothing. Everything. Number two, read your Bible everyday. Don’t ever let a day go by without reading your Bible. If you do, then read two chapters the next day to make it up. Go to Church regularly. Pay your tithe and your offerings. Always pay them first. And don’t be afraid to pray for anything or about anything. Because God can do anything. If you want big things from God, attempt big things for Him. God Bless you.

Grover was killed in a motorcycle accident just a few weeks before his eighty-fourth birthday, but Grover’s legacy of faith definitely lives on. We thought you might appreciate to hear a moment of his funeral when Grover’s wife, Alice, spontaneously asked if she could speak.

Alice: I hadn’t planned on doing this but you’ve got to know what my background was. I was brought up as a heathen. My dad criticized the Bible. He told us all that silly stuff was in the Bible and that terrible things were in the Bible. I was at the point of suicide when I met Grover and Grover led me to the Lord. The songs that you’re singing, they mean everything to me. Our sixty years together has been heaven on earth. We’ve had a lot of experiences and a lot of things going on. The last three years after we leased the business to Archie and we moved into a home, we had three years of the most wonderful, happy three years we ever had. We’ve had joy. We’ve had a honeymoon. We’ve laughed and we’ve done everything we wanted to do. I’m glad that when Grover went, Grover didn’t suffer and didn’t go through any pain. I almost went with him but I can’t sit on a motorcycle anymore. I tried that morning but I couldn’t. He was taken immediately. He didn’t suffer in the wreck or anything. I’m so joyful and so thankful to all you people. Don’t grieve for me. The life I’ve had has been so wonderful and I have so many memories.

Maybe you have been touched by the simplicity of Grover’s faith and have a desire to begin your own relationship with God. Remember Grover’s recipe. One, surrender your life to God. Two, read your Bible daily. Three, go to church regularly. Four, pay your tithes and offerings. Five, don’t be afraid to pray for anything. Prayer is the way you can express your desire to God. Perhaps the following prayer can help you right now.

Dear God, I need you. There is much yet I do not understand but I do want to know you. I want to trust you to work in me and in my circumstances. I commit to follow this recipe and leave the results to you. Thank you.

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